Tricia Keith


As a death doula, family-led funeral guide and funeral celebrant, I am passionate about the spaces we move through on either side of death. 

How we die, how we care for our dying and how we carry our people across to the other side, touches the deepest aspects of our living.

Dying is more than what happens to the body. Its what happens to our family, our community, our bodies, minds and souls. 

My primary role is to bring emotional and spiritual support throughout the end-of-life experience.

The benefits of such support are that people experience more love and less fear. 

I come first from a background in the healing and creative arts. Added to this is my experience working in a palliative care setting.

I have been designing programs that support the emotional and spiritual well-being of patients and families for the past 5 years.

Employed as Coordinator of Volunteers and Outreach at local Not for Profit Hospice Graduate of Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design Certified CF&I Celebrant: Ceremonies for Healing and Transition; Funeral Celebrant Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher Trained and experienced Death Doula and Home Funeral Guide,


Of Remembrance Lanterns: A huge thank you to YOU! It was a very moving evening and we have had a lot of positive feedback from those who attended.You did a wonderful job of guiding them through the creative process and holding their grief with care. It was a truly special evening.

I highly recommend Tricia’s lantern making workshop. Tricia brings such peace, understanding and patience. She supports and mentor the youth through each step of the process, and creates the most risk free environment. Ann-Katrin Linder, Humanities Teacher, City Central Learning Centre.

Of Hospice Care: The family would like to show their gratitude as it was evident that B.D. was at peace after visits with Tricia. Family expressed it was very noticeable that he was no longer struggling and fighting any longer, and for that they are grateful. L.H. Social Worker.

Of Death Doula Care: When our mother died on Tricia was present with our family to support and guide us with our mother’s home funeral. Her energy, compassion and insight with the death of our mother made everything feel so normal, accepting and tranquil in dealing with our loss.

Our experience and memories of having Tricia present with us at such a crucial and difficult time in our lives made a world of a difference and only reinforced how wonderful it was to honor, celebrate and care for our mother in our home. Deborah Magdee.

Of Funeral Ceremony: With a crisis of time and of situation, Tricia came into our lives with a calming acceptance that was nothing short of amazing. She embraced the heart of a broken family and a community with the open arms of a strong and loving person we had known all of our lives. In two days, Tricia had become a part of everyone that loved our young mans’ family.

She stood with complete understanding and captured the essence of our loved one's being.  She captured the love, the accomplishments and the struggles, with a truth that was pure.  Every single person in attendance felt as though Tricia was sitting beside them, holding their hand and gently guiding them through this unimaginable time.  Her supportive embrace was tangible through her words.  Time stands still with Tricia.  Our truth, became hers.  We will love her forever for what she gave to us.  A perfect path to peace.             Twyla Vokins

Of Yoga: I really enjoyed the class. Well actually I hated it to begin with but only because it showed me how out of shape and overweight I am, lol! You were very patient and kind with us and helped me to finally bond with my body and start feeling the benefits rather than the embarrassment of my awkwardness! Thanks so much! C.S.