Blessings for the Journey

Funeral services and memorials help family and friends to mourn their person together and to begin the letting go so that the soul can be free. These ceremonies also celebrate life in all its diversity and strengthen the community ties. Each ceremony is as unique as the person being remembered and the culture they belonged to.

Through life stories of your person - their recorded memories, accomplishments, beliefs, dreams, habits and foibles - an authentic, heart-felt and meaningful ceremony is designed. 

As a Funeral Celebrant, I am a ceremony specialist. I will create, along side with you, a Memorial Ceremony and ritual that genuinely depicts and honors the life and beliefs of your person, while respecting all of the people involved.

As a Family-led Death Care Guide

I support and consult with families regarding the end-of-embodiment care they wish to provide their person through the dying process and after the death has occurred.

My role is to empower families to take the time they need and to participate in a way that feels right for them in their person's death care.

Home funerals are a traditional practice of family-centered death care. A home funeral is a natural and deeply sacred option. It is also completely legal. I have training, experience and practical knowledge of how to guide families through a home funeral in the province of British Columbia.

As a professional, my services liaise with conventional funeral providers and care facilities as well.

Home Funeral Workshop

For families or communities looking for an authentic, intimate and participatory role in the death of a Loved One.

This full day workshop will demystify how to care for a deceased body, environmentally sound disposition options and nurturing cultural practices.

Contact Tricia to book a no-obligation interview, weaving2wholeness@gmail.com.