Our Whole Passage

Avoid burdening your loved ones with important decisions regarding your end-of-life matters and instead leave them with guidance to your final wishes.


              A workshop designed to support you-         


  • Explore your core values.

  • Find words to talk about what will matter most to you when the time comes to say Goodbye.

  • Examine the side effects of common medical treatments.

  • Appreciate the difference between Life Support and Death Support.

  • Understand what an Advanced Directive* can and cannot provide. Find out why it is also useful to sign a Representation Agreement**.


* A legal document outlining the medical treatments you want to receive when you cannot speak for yourself.

** A legal document stating whom you have chosen to speak on your behalf when you cannot, giving them the authority to accept or reject medical treatments.


End-of-life conversations are affirm, support and enhance our lives.

   Contact Tricia to book a no-obligation interview, weaving2wholeness@gmail.com