dream dream 03-04-15

In a long chain of traffic, along King George Blvd., a funeral procession extends endlessly down the road. I am dreaming my own funeral, as it is timed to my death and my waking-up.

Deliciously I am hanging on inside the dream until the exact moment, when I die/wake-up, when I hear something to the effect of, The awareness that is dying to become ALIVE.

I wake-up. My mind is hanging between the words the Dead and a Wake.

Dreams of death have frequented my nights for over a year now, since I started volunteering at hospice and since Pluto, the God of the underworld, has been nesting over my IC.

How can you know what it is about yourself

that you do not know?

There is the looking inward, straight into the longing, that begins a call, at first with a doubtful voice and then with a more confidence towards your own longing. That longing develops a pulse which is the response and becomes the experience of what you do not know.


Both birthing and dying involve some kind of release, and before that release, there is some kind of pressure. Many would say there is pain.

Both birth and death point to the transition from one state to another – and the mystery that leads that process.

Birth and Death connect the Body to the Earth. Mother Earth is divinely transitioning from one state to another. The birthing mother releases her child to the Earth. The dying person releases their flesh and bones back to the Mother.

What have you given birth to recently? And what parts of you are now dying?  Are they crying out to be held by the Creator?