Port Coquitlam - Wilson Centre Senior's "Healthy Living Fair"

 Port Coquitlam's Wilson Recreation Centre is hosting a Healthy Living Fair February 13, 2016. According to their Rec. Therapist, Cierra Popove, "They have always wanted to have something on death and dying."


As  Midwife to the Dying, I have been invited to set up a table to talk about the range of services and style of approach a Midwife to the Dying offers. Basically I'll be adding a few extra chairs around my table and bringing a big pot of tea to pour for those who choose to sit with me. I'll have a few handouts along side to guide conversation and propel thoughts.

I have found that once people know I am a hospice volunteer or that I am involved in this kind of work, they become eager to talk about their experiences around death and dying. From that place we can begin talking about what we would prefer most for ourselves and our loved ones. Its very heart-felt conversation, as we begin to really take in that how we die matters.

Winter Leisure Guide 2015/2016 (See pg. 71 for more info.)

I will also be letting people know about the upcoming workshop OUR NATURAL PASSAGE I will be facilitating at Wilson Rec. Centre, April 23rd. and 30th.

This workshop is designed to support people to think about and talk about what is important to them in their Advanced Care Planning and learn about the legal documents that can help them in their final days. There is a fare amount of new vocabulary that takes time getting used to and the workshop can help with that. Its also a good place to practice talking about what matters most to people when the time comes to say Goodbye. The idea is they take this awareness and information home with them and continue the conversations and complete their Advanced Directives according to their wishes.

It is very purposeful work. It creates further bonding between trusted ties and alleviates any anxiety of not knowing what a loved one would have wanted.