Remembrance Lanterns

      A workshop turning your experience of grief into beauty,

    leading you through simple, meaningful ritual,

and leaving you with a personal symbol of your

   relationship with your loved one today.


  Lantern making

 Lantern making

 Remembering Well

Remembering Well

Grief is praise, because it is the natural way that love honors what it misses.


Hatha Yoga  

Yoga is the practice of turning inwards and merging with what is in your awareness and heart.


Yoga meets you exactly where you are, at any stage in life.                                                                         

Moving the body in an essential alignment to the earth produces positive effects on one’s entire

well-being. The basis of yoga is breath, which is Spirit. Respiration literally means to take in Spirit.


Yoga includes meditation, the practice of stillness and uniting with Source energy.


I am a certified Yoga Teacher, accredited by Yoga Alliance. I teach various styles to all ages.


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